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wildfire-burning-image-louisiana-mississippiWe are currently in a state of emergency in various areas in Louisiana and Mississippi due to wildfires and the threat of possibly more wildfires due to the dry weather conditions. This letter outlines precautions for petroleum storage tanks with a specific emphasis and concern for gasoline tanks.

Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, and lubricating oils are all flammable. Gasoline is flammable in ambient conditions and is the most volatile of the three. However, all three products are considered flammable under extreme heat conditions expected in a wildfire, and precautions are necessary.

Flammable items such as oily rags, boxes, or wood debris should be cleared from near and around bulk storage tanks. Tanks should be stored on a concrete pad or a fireproof surface, away from vegetation and other flammable fuel sources that would ignite and spread in a wildfire. If this is not possible, tanks should be temporarily removed from the site and out of harm’s way.

Should you know of an immediate concern for your tank and need our assistance and consultation, please call your Territory Manager or our office at 1-800-738-7738.

— Wade Stephens, Lard Oil Company C&I Division Manager

For a PDF copy of this notice, click here.