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Clean Oil for Maximum Equipment Life

The team at Lard Oil Company has researched and worked to solve the problem of contaminated oil and lubrication for over 25 years. With our filterIT division, we can clean oil and oil systems often times without shutting down your equipment or interrupting your daily operations.

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filterIT is designed for:

  • Oil purification
  • Oil filtration
  • Reconditioning of lubrication systems
  • Oil system cleaning

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Filter IT: Efficient & Safe Cleaning

The filterIT unit can remove water, light hydrocarbons, dirt, and other metals that contaminate your oil and machinery. This process can be done sometimes while your equipment is running to avoid downtime and save you money. The equipment can filter oil and lubricants twice as fast as other similar technologies, processing 300-1,200 gallons per hour.

Our team can clean your lubricants quickly and also safely, having an impeccable safety track record. filterIT experts will work to prevent future oil contamination, performing on-site diagnostics of your equipment’s fluid condition and finding the source of contamination.

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filterIT is a great way to refurbish equipment that isn’t working properly, saving you the cost of purchasing new equipment or lubricants. Its also a great tool for preventive maintenance by helping extend the life of your current equipment and lubricants.

Why Filter IT?

  • Purified oil exceeds new oil standards
  • Purification process does not disturb the oil additive package
  • Increases life on equipment and oil
  • Service units are explosion proof and exceed all safety standards
  • Minimizes the use of maintenance budgets by reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Purified oil is a small percentage of new oil costs

Benefits to Your Business

  • No equipment shutdown
  • No interruption of daily operations
  • Guaranteed filter-finished product meeting your ISO cleanliness goals and specifications